skup gp tibia coins

If you want to sell your gold or Tibia coins in the game just contact me but first read the information below!


Currently, You can sell to us Your gold for 2,5 – 2,7 $ / 1 kk depending on the server, the amount of gold we have on it and currency exchange rate.
You can also sell to us Tibia Coins for  7,2 –  7,5 $ / 250 TC.


You send us the goods and then we send You the money. This is the only way we can buy something from You. Remember That we are trusted seller.

Payment methods:

-Western Union

We currently need:



If you are worried that you will be cheated we enclose links to some Tibia forums topics.
You will find a lot of positive feedback of users who trusted us and sold gold in the way described above.!!