Ibot+ is a new release of the popular bot for Tibia.
The new version is much faster and easier to comprehend for the beginner. There has been added new functionality. CPU and RAM usage has been reduced what makes ibot + more efficient*. Also the risk of banishment has been minimized by optimizing the source code of the program. Bot scripts are written 100% in an easy-to-understand scripting language LUA. All Ibot scripts are compatible with the ibot+ version.

*It may act differently on computers with an older operating system. 



If this is the first time you buy an ibot license on our website or you are beginner user of this bot, be sure to check out the following instructions:

I buy Ibot+ license for the first time. What should I do?

-First thing to do is to created an account on the official Ibot forum. This is necessary because each time You use ibot You have to log in using the same data as from forum account.
Link to registration: http://www.tibiaibot.com/forum/register.php

-To make account fully active You have to log into it at least once. Otherwise, the license activation will be impossible.

-When You already have an account, you can place an order. In the order form please necessarily give an email address that You used while registering on forum. Otherwise, the activation process can be very extended.

-Download the latest Ibot+ release from the creator’s official website: http://www.tibiaibot.com/ibotplus/news

-You will get an immediate email notification when Ibot licence is activated. Than You can log in to the program and enjoy its possibilities.


Useful Links:

-latest release of ibot+ download: iBot Version 10.81 – iBot+

-payable scripts: http://www.tibiaibot.com/ibotplus/scripts
(You can find free scripst on the forum)

-technical documentation (description of function): http://www.tibiaibot.com/ibotplus/documentation