General questions

When the product will be available?

I am not able to say exactly when there will be more of the product. I gain gold from the hands of other players. Mostly I fill up stocks within 1-3 days. You can check products availability in “GP and Tibia Coins Stock”.

We do not respond on this kind of messages

– “Hello”, “Hi”, “what up”, etc. If you have some business, write it in one sequenc

– An information that You have made a purchase and You now waiting for shipping

– Questions about If I am available right now and If I could complete order quickly. You can check our availability and the shipping time at the sidebar.

– Questions to which the answer can be found in the FAQ. Please understand that this is tiring to reply for the same question 10 times a day.

It took more than 12 hours and I still didn’t receive GP / TC

If You have not received GP or Tibia Coins within 12 hours, even though I was available it probably means that You have chosen the wrong world (the character is located on a different world than the one you choosed). In order to clarify matters, please contact us.

It is a rare situation for me to be unavailable for more than 12h. However, if this happens, Your order will be processed as soon as I am online.

How can I be sure I won’t be cheated?

-Several years of experience in the gold trading and a few thousand performed buy / sale transactions;

-In opposite to some other sites, our statistics (as GP stock, total number of orders etc.) are constantly changing (You can check it) because every day there are few more orders. Changing the data manually only to fool someone would be ridiculous.

-Check comments of other users


-We are also the owners of the domain and store

-Opinions on forum :!

-You can also buy for smaller amount to test our service.

What is the shipping time?

Information about this appears in the sidebar. If I’m online, you can count on the shipment within 5-15 minutes. If my status is “zaraz wracam” (be right back) You will receive goods within 1 hour. The offline status means that I am unavailable but You will get Your order up to 12 hours time.

Given time concerns all the products that are available in the store (GP / Tibia Coins /ibot +)

Why should I buy in this shop?

-extensive experience in gold trading (3 years) – secure transactions and professional service;
-You buy from legally operating company;
-attractive bonuses for regular customers;
-many convenient payment methods;
-probably the only Tibia shop where You can legally pay using paysafecard;
-competitive prices;
-smooth running and reliable software;
-You don’t need to pass through registration process;
-fast delivery, 7 days a week.

Can I do the World Trade in here ?

Yes, you can do the World Trade. The commission is 20%.
However, it depends on the current GP stock and the demand for selected worlds (if exchange doesn’t fit me I can refuse).

I gave wrong character name and someone else receive GP / TC

Unfortunately, You can not compensate for losses arising from your mistake. I fulfilled my part of the bargain. Remember to carefully enter your nickname in the game!

Ibot questions

I buy Ibot+ license for the first time. What should I do?

-First thing to do is to created an account on the official Ibot forum. This is necessary because each time You use ibot You have to log in using the same data as from forum account.
Link to registration:

-To make account fully active You have to log into it at least once. Otherwise, the license activation will be impossible.

-When You already have an account, you can place an order. In the order form please necessarily give an email address that You used while registering on forum. Otherwise, the activation process can be very extended.

-Download the latest Ibot+ release from the creator’s official website:

-You will get an immediate email notification when Ibot licence is activated. Than You can log in to the program and enjoy its possibilities.

Paysafecard questions

How to check how much money is left on the paysafecard?

If you don’t have myPaysafecard account, You can check here how much money is left to use by entering Your pin:

Why Paysafecard is more expensive?

Paysafecard price is 10% higher. This payment method is very expensive if it is provided legally. The operator gets about 20% of payment. We are aware of the fact that this is a very convenient way to pay and we do not want to give it up. 10 % raise partially compensates our losses.

However we reduced prices of all products. Now, after adding fee, the amount will be roughly the same as before.